BEN STEIN: Leftists Using Violence To Silence Free Speech Display Mental Illness (VIDEO)

Ben Stein recently spoke with Judge Jeanine about the trend among leftists to use violence to silence the free speech of others. He suggested that there are many people on the far left who are mentally ill. It’s hard to disagree with that.

From the FOX News Insider:

Stein: Leftists Promoting Violence to Crush Speech Display ‘Mental Illness’

Stein, a former Nixon speechwriter, slammed left-wing demonstrators at places like the University of California-Berkeley as a “fascist” group trying to silence the right.

He said such groups are reminiscent of “ultra-dictatorial” people like Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister.

Stein also noted the case of Yvette Felarca, a schoolteacher who recently advocated for violence in place of discourse when dealing with opposing views.

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“This is not about politics, this is about mental illness,” he said on “Justice.” “I think people who say these things are mentally ill.”

Stein said that in a country like America, with such a visible First Amendment right to freedom of speech, advocating or participating in violence to crush opposing views would have to be a sign of illness.

Watch the video:

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He makes a compelling argument! The left has seemed more unhinged than ever before since the election.

They don’t seem to realize they’re just turning off more people.


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