Benghazi Parents: Hillary Didn’t Respond To Lawsuit, Give Us Default Judgment!


After the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton went on TV and blamed the attack on a YouTube video. She told the parents of the Benghazi dead the same thing.

Then, Hillary claimed she was misunderstood.

The parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods stood up to Hillary. They filed a suit on August 9.

USA Today reported:

The lawsuit contends that “the deaths of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods were directly and proximately caused by the negligent and reckless actions” of Clinton, who was secretary of State at the time. 

They also sued for “defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress,” according to the Blaze.

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Here is Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, talking about the suit:

“I want Hillary to tell me what happened with my son . . . Why is my son dead?”

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Hillary didn’t respond to Patricia Smith. Heartbreaking.

And now, Hillary hasn’t responded to the lawsuit. Unlawful.

Under the rules of the court, Hillary had 30 days to respond. That was up September 9.

According to LawNewz,

The attorney for Pat Smith and Charles Woods has filed an affidavit in federal court asking for a federal judge to enter a default judgment against Hillary Clinton after she failed to respond to a lawsuit they filed in United States District Court in D.C. in August.

A default judgment means Pat Smith and Charles Woods will get what they deserve: Justice!

Will the court give the judgment to these distraught parents? Will the arrogance of Hillary be punished? Will her refusal to respond be censured? Will the court do the right thing?

For the victims of Benghazi, will justice finally be done?


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