BERNIE GIVES TRUMP HIS DUE: ‘Donald Trump Did Something Extraordinary’ (VIDEO)

CNN is hosting a townhall meeting with Bernie Sanders tonight.

Is Bernie now the head of the Democrat party? 

Either way, Bernie said something about Trump that Democrats should listen to.

Watch (via New Day):

From the video:

“Look, any objective assessment of the last year or year and a half or however long it was – will tell you that Donald Trump did something extraordinary. Something that nobody but nobody thought that he could do. Trump took on the Republican Establishment, took on the Democratic Establishment, took on the Media Establishment. And he ended up winning the election to become President of the United States. That is an extraordinary accomplishment . . . “

The Democrat audience was stunned by that!

Bernie is right: Trump took on not just one Establishment. He took on three Establishments. And Trump won!

Good for Bernie: He gave Trump his due!


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