Bernie Sanders Admits He’ll Raise Taxes On The Middle Class During Second Dem Debate (VIDEO)

Does Bernie Sanders want to lose? During the second Democrat debate on Thursday night, he admitted that he would raise taxes on the middle class.

CNS News reports:

Sen. Bernie Sanders Admits He Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class to Pay for Universal Health Care

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) admitted Thursday that he will raise taxes on the middle class to pay for universal health care.

Sanders received the first question of the night in the second Democratic presidential debate in Miami, Fla.

“You’ve called for big new government benefits like universal health care and free college. In a recent interview, you said you suspected that Americans would be ‘delighted’ to pay more taxes for things like that.

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My question to you is will taxes go up for the middle class in a Sanders administration, and if so, how do you sell that to voters?” NBC’s “Today Show” host Savannah Guthrie asked.

“You’re quite right. We have a new vision for America, and at a time when we have three people in this country owning more wealth than the bottom half of America, while 500,000 people are sleeping out on the streets today, we think it is time for change – real change – and by that I mean that health care in my view is a human right, and we have got to pass a Medicare for all single payer system,” Sanders said.

See the video below:

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People reacted on Twitter:

How did Bernie thing this was a winning strategy?


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