Bernie Sanders Angry At Media For Not Explaining Massive Spending Bill To The American People

The Democrats are an absolute mess. Constant infighting has made it impossible to pass their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill.

One person who is particularly angry is Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. He really wants this thing to pass.

Now he is lashing out at the media for not explaining it better for the American people. Wasn’t that kind of his job?

The Hill reports:

Sanders blames media for Americans not knowing details of Biden spending plan

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) blamed the media, in part, for Americans not knowing what is in a sweeping social spending plan being negotiated by the White House and Congressional Democrats.

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Sanders, in a statement, said it is “absurd” that many Americans don’t know what is in President Biden’s plan and, while cautioning that there could be many reasons for that, launched a broadside against how the bill has been covered by the press.

“The reality that the mainstream media has done an exceptionally poor job in covering what actually is in the legislation,” Sanders said.

“There have been endless stories about the politics of passing Build Back Better, the role of the president, the conflicts in the House and the Senate, the opposition of two senators, the size of the bill, etc. – but very limited coverage as to what the provisions of the bill are and the crises for working people that they address,” he added.

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For weeks, Bernie has been saying that the bill is popular. Now he is saying the public doesn’t know what’s in it.

What a farce this has turned into.


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