Bernie Sanders Conspicuously Silent As People In Cuba Protest Against Communism

People in Cuba launched nationwide protests of communism over the weekend and some of the far left folks in the United States had very little to say about it.

Bernie Sanders, often held up as the spokesman for Democratic Socialism in America, was silent on the issue until a journalist asked him about it on Monday.

Sanders never hesitates to bash Republicans and Trump, but he isn’t capable of speaking out against an evil communist regime.

FOX News reports:

Sanders loves trashing Republicans but won’t condemn truly oppressive Cuban Communists

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., often uses his Twitter account to disparage policies in the United States and Republican politicians he doesn’t like, but he has been silent about thousands of protesters gathering in the streets Sunday calling for the end of the communist regime in Cuba.

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Sanders, who previously defended some of the policies of Cuba’s previous communist dictator Fidel Castro, including his literacy program, was silent until Tuesday afternoon on whether he supports Cubans speaking out against the communist regime.

He finally spoke, but only when prompted with a question, and he did not limit his comment to Cuba.

Asked by Fox News for comment on the Cuba situation, Sanders said: “Well, I support throughout Latin America and Cuba and every place else the right of people to protest for a decent economy and for political freedom.”

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However, he did call for higher taxes on billionaires Sunday in response to billionaires like Richard Branson, who successfully reached space on a test flight for Virgin Galactic, going to space, saying, “It’s time to tax the billionaires.”

Lots of people called Bernie out.

Why is the left so silent about what’s happening in Cuba? The answer is obvious isn’t it?


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