Bernie Sanders Says America Starves And Bombs Little Children (VIDEO)

We should be very glad that Bernie Sanders did not become the president of the United States. He clearly doesn’t hold America in very high regard. During a recent interview with far left comedian Sarah Silverman, he made some rather shocking comments.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Bernie Sanders: America Starves and Bombs Little Children

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) joked during an interview with Sarah Silverman released Thursday that the United States kills children and destroys homes, but at least its senators don’t swear.

The comedian interviewed Sanders as part of her Hulu show “I Love You, America.” After Silverman loudly greeted Sanders in the Dirksen Senate Office Building, Sanders told her to quiet down.

Silverman replied that she will use her “indoor voice.” Sanders pointed out that they “can’t even use dirty words. This is the United States Senate.”

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“We just, um, starve little children, we go bomb houses and buses of children, and we give tax breaks to billionaires,” Sanders added. “But we don’t use dirty words.”

Later in the interview, Sanders said, “This whole place is built on a lie.”

Watch the video:

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This is the American left, folks. This is what they think of our amazing country. It’s shameful.


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