Bernie Sanders Still Not Dropping Out Of Race – Could Stay In Until June

Lots of people have pointed out that Bernie Sanders doesn’t have a path to attain the needed delegates to become the Democrat nominee.

Yet he is staying in the race.

Is it possible that he is just waiting for Joe Biden to implode?

Politico reports:

‘He is still in’: Bernie could remain in race through June

Since his staff announced last week that he is reassessing his campaign, Bernie Sanders has not yet definitively said whether he is still running.

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But he’s given every indication he’s pressing forward — and perhaps remaining in the presidential race for months to come.

Despite Joe Biden’s nearly insurmountable delegate lead, the Sanders campaign said he plans to participate in an April debate, if one happens. His team has held volunteer organizing calls in the past week in New York and Pennsylvania, which are planning to hold their primaries perhaps as late as June. And his campaign is also touting that it is ramping up staff in New York, which a senior aide said is “a sign that he is still in.”

Sanders, who hasn’t aired ads or fundraised since losing badly in the March 17 primaries, could still very well call things off. But one thing is certain: He’s not acting like a candidate who’s finished with the primary.

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Some liberals in media are wondering why Bernie is bothering to stay in.

Chris Cillizza writes at CNN:

Why is Bernie Sanders still running for president?

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign made some news on Tuesday night: He’s looking forward to being in the April debate with Joe Biden.

“If there is a debate in April, he plans to be there,” Sanders communications director Mike Casca told CNN’s Annie Grayer.

Which is verrry interesting — for a few reasons.

1. The Democratic National Committee had planned for an April debate but there appears to be very little movement — at least publicly — to announce a specific date or a media sponsor. Sanders’ statement may force the committee’s hand. (The last debate was a CNN-sponsored one on March 15.)

2. Sanders appears committed to remaining in the race for the foreseeable future despite the fact that he trails Biden by more than 300 pledged delegates (1,155 to 840 in CNN’s count) and would need to win nearly 60% of the remaining delegates to take the nomination from the former vice president.

That last point occasions a very simple question: Why is Sanders still running, given those very long odds?

It looks like Bernie is just waiting for an opening.


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