Bernie Sanders Warns Democrats That Nominating Joe Biden Will Lead To Trump’s Re-election

Bernie Sanders is already going after Joe Biden. This was to be expected because at the moment, they are the two candidates leading in polls for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders is basically arguing that Biden would more of the same old type of Democrat and that it won’t be enough.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Bernie Sanders warns nominating Biden could deliver Trump second term

Sen. Bernie Sanders took aim at Democratic primary rival Joe Biden at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame forum Sunday, declaring that a “middle ground” strategy would change nothing.

“Now I understand there are well-intentioned candidates who believe the best way forward is a middle ground strategy that antagonizes no one, that stands up to nobody, and that changes nothing,” Sanders said. “In my view, that approach is not just bad policy, but it is a failed political strategy that I fear could end up with the reelection of Donald Trump.”

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The former vice president has declined or been slow to support progressive policies champion by self-described democratic socialist Sanders. Biden came under fire from primary rivals and Democratic candidates last week for declining to support repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from being used on abortion services.

In response to the pressure, Biden reversed his position. He has also declined to support Medicare for All, a single-payer national healthcare plan that would eliminate private insurance.

Naturally, some people are making the exact opposite argument.

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From the Daily Beast:

How Bernie Could Throw 2020 to Trump

Bernie Sanders is the most popular senator in America, according to the last 11 Morning Consult polls, a distinction that may say as much about the institution and its fall from grace as the curmudgeonly junior senator from Vermont.

The Brooklyn-born Sanders is a man of many myths, chief among them that his fans believe the Democratic nomination was stolen from him in 2016, and that he’s still an outsider despite being in Congress for 30 years.

Until Joe Biden entered the presidential race, Sanders was the frontrunner. He had the highest poll rating and he’d raised more money than any of the other candidates. The latest Morning Consult poll has Sanders at 20 percent among Democratic primary voters, 18 points behind Biden. It’s early of course, but the ranking foreshadows another epic battle between an avatar of the establishment and a campaign driven by grievance—supported this time by many fans who believe that the 2016 nomination was rightfully his, and that he could have saved the country from Donald Trump if it weren’t for an out-of-touch and corrupt Democratic establishment.

Depending on how long this goes on, things could get ugly.

It might end up looking a lot like 2016.


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