BERNING OUT? New Polls Show Support Is Slipping For Bernie Sanders In 2020

Bernie Sanders probably thought 2020 was going to be an easy campaign for him after 2016. But it’s a much bigger field of candidates this time around. Bernie’s current polling isn’t looking great.

CNN reports:

Polls show Bernie Sanders popularity among all voters is plummeting

One of the arguments Bernie Sanders’ fans made during the 2016 Democratic primary was that he was more electable than Hillary Clinton. His favorable ratings with the general electorate were far higher than Hillary Clinton’s. Indeed, Sanders maintained fairly high favorable ratings with all voters as late as 2018.

Sanders’ popularity among all voters seems to be declining considerably in the last few months, however.

Our new CNN poll puts Sanders favorable rating at 46% compared to an unfavorable rating of 45% among registered voters. This is only the latest poll to have Sanders at basically even in his net favorability rating (favorable-unfavorable). A Quinnipiac University poll from late December gave the Vermont senator a net favorability of just +2 points. An average of all recent polls put Sanders’ net favorability at about -1 points.

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Compare that to where Sanders was at the end of his 2016 presidential bid. Sanders had a 59% favorable rating to 36% unfavorable rating among all voters in a CNN poll taken in June 2016.

Sanders was able to hold onto much of his popularity through last year. A CNN poll taken in early December 2018 gave him a +13 net favorability rating with all voters. A Gallup poll in September 2018 had him at a +15 net favorability rating with all adults.

What changed? Have the American people decided that they don’t want to transform the country into Venezuela?

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Adam Brandon writes at the Washington Examiner:

The world has seen what Bernie Sanders’ America would look like, and it’s not pretty

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., does not shy away from his socialist roots. Still, I’m sure his campaign is not pleased with the release of newly digitized newspapers and files from his tenure as a leading member of the Liberty Union Party in the 1970s.

The Liberty Union is a self-proclaimed “radical political party” that advocated introducing Soviet-style socialism (aka communism) to the United States. While leading the group, Bernie Sanders called for nationalizing the energy industry, banks, phone, electric, and drug companies. He argued that government should control the means of production for all major industries and should impose a 100 percent income tax on the highest income earners…

We’ve already seen this in practice. When Venezuela nationalized its financial institutions, banks closed, and dissenting employees were jailed. Residents of the former Eastern bloc are still reluctant to put money in bank accounts, fearing their life savings will disappear.

It’ll be fascinating to see if this trend continues and how Bernie is treated in the debates.


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