Biden Administration To Build New Border Enforcement Facilities… In Afghanistan

The Biden administration is getting ready to strengthen the border… in Afghanistan.

Is there a better example of America last than this? We have had an ongoing border crisis in the United States and Biden has done nothing, if anything he has made it worse.

But now the Afghanistan border is a priority? Really?

The Blaze reports:

Biden administration vows to build new border enforcement facilities … along Afghanistan-Tajikistan border

Americans have been clamoring for President Joe Biden and his administration to deal with the ongoing illegal immigration disaster plaguing the southern U.S. border. With hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flooding into the country — and hundreds of thousands if not millions more hoping to do the same — Republicans and Democrats alike are blaming Biden for the chaos and begging him to do something.

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Rather than restarting construction of the so-called “Trump wall” that he halted on his first day in office or doing everything in his power to slow the flow, Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to take a facile lead on the issue. Which she did by … avoiding going to the actual border and instead making trips to Central America to beg local officials to stem the tide of immigrants for her.

However, it appears the President Biden is suddenly now pro-border protection and wants to build border guard facilities to help deal with border crossing and national security issues.

Just not in the United States.

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Instead, the Biden administration, which left Afghanistan in utter chaos and in the hands of the Taliban, who released thousands of ISIS terrorists from Afghan prisons, has now promised to help build new facilities for border guards along the Tajikistan and Afghanistan border, Reuters reported.

Isn’t this just peak Biden?

America is always the last consideration.


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