Biden Angry About His Administration Being Blamed For Inflation: ‘I’m Sick Of This Stuff!’ (VIDEO)

Joe Biden met with House Democrats on Friday and lost his cool at one point.

He is apparently tired of his administration’s spending being blamed for inflation. The truth hurts, apparently.

Biden is simply not living in reality.

Townhall reports:

Biden Loses It Over Americans Correctly Knowing the Cause of Inflation

Speaking to House Democrats at their winter retreat in Philadelphia Friday afternoon, President Joe Biden started yelling at Americans who pin inflation on excessive government spending.

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“I’m sick of this stuff!” Biden screamed, throwing his arms in the air. “The American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money. Simply not true.”

Here’s the video:

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He just keeps blaming Putin.

FOX News reports:

Biden claims ‘inflation is largely the fault of Putin,’ not Democratic spending

President Biden on Friday said skyrocketing inflation “is largely the fault of” Russian President Vladimir Putin, despite the fact that inflation began rising well before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Economists have said that Democrats’ $1.9 trillion spending bill last year helped fuel the inflation surge.

Biden addressed the House Democrats at their member retreat in Philadelphia where he touched on the rising inflation across the US, laying the blame of inflation at Putin’s feet amid his war in Ukraine as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A second big reason for inflation is Vladimir Putin,” Biden said. “From the moment he put his over one hundred and fifty thousand troops on the Ukrainian border, the price of gasoline in January went up 75 cents and Putin began amassing troops along the border.”

“Make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of Putin,” Biden also said.

If Biden really believes this, it’s kind of a big problem.


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