Biden Backs Democrat Plan To Dump Filibuster And Ram Through ‘Voting Rights’ Legislation

Democrats were unable to pass their ridiculous ‘Build Back Better’ bill, so they are now moving on to their equally absurd ‘voting rights’ bill.

Since they know they don’t have all the Senate votes they need, they’re planning to suspend the filibuster.

Joe Biden apparently supports this idea.

The Hill reports:

Biden backs exception to filibuster for voting rights bills

President Biden says he supports creating an exception to the legislative filibuster in the Senate in order to pass voting rights legislation over Republican opposition.

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Biden told ABC News’s David Muir in a portion of an interview that aired Thursday that he would support fundamental changes to Senate rules in order to pass election reform legislation.

“That means whatever it takes. Change the Senate rules to accommodate major pieces of legislation without requiring 60 votes,” Biden said.

When asked to clarify that he supported a carveout for voting rights legislation from the 60-vote threshold needed to pass most bills in the Senate, Biden said that he did.

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“The only thing standing between getting voting rights legislation passed and not getting passed is the filibuster, I support making an exception on voting rights of the filibuster,” Biden said.

The remarks are similar to those that Biden made during a CNN town hall in October, when he opened the door to “fundamentally” altering or eliminating the filibuster to advance voting rights legislation.

Ted Cruz is sounding the alarm over this.

Democrats are doing this because they are expecting to lose.

Democrats need to be taught a lesson about this in the midterms.


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