Biden COVID Response Team Now Saying America Might Not Reach Herd Immunity Until Next Thanksgiving

Joe Biden’s COVID response team is now saying that America may not reach a stage of herd immunity until next Thanksgiving.

Are you starting to get a sense that Democrats want to keep the country in a near permanent state of lock downs and fear?

It sure is beginning to look that way.

The Daily Beast reported:

Biden Team Fears: No COVID Herd Immunity Until Thanksgiving

Top members of President Joe Biden’s COVID response team are warning internally that the U.S. may not reach herd immunity until Thanksgiving or even the start of winter—months later than originally calculated—according to two senior administration officials.

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In an interview with CBS News this week, Biden hinted at some of these concerns, saying it would be “very difficult” to reach herd immunity—a population-wide resistance to the virus—“much before the end of the summer” with the current daily rate of approximately 1.3 million vaccine doses.

Other top officials working on the federal government’s COVID-19 response say the are uneasy about vaccine supply long term and the impact on herd immunity, and have begun to explore ways to expand U.S. manufacturing capacity, potentially through new partnerships with outside pharmaceutical firms…

Together, the recent data has alarmed health officials in the Biden administration who are now raising questions about what more can be done to not only shorten the herd immunity timeline—not just to return Americans to some sort of normalcy but also to ensure the country does not experience another surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths.

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How many more times are they going to shift the goal posts?

Are the American people going to put up with this?


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