Biden Finally Confronted About Claiming He Was Arrested Trying To Meet Nelson Mandela (VIDEO)

Joe Biden likes to tell tall tales, but you can tell he is not used to getting called out for it.

For weeks now, he has repeatedly lied, saying he was arrested while trying to meet Nelson Mandela.

He finally got asked about it this week and tried to spin his way out of it.

Naturally, he got no push back from CNN.

Hot Air reports:

Biden: All Right, So Maybe I Didn’t Get “Arrested” In South Africa While Trying To Visit Nelson Mandela

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The story Biden’s been telling on the trail lately is verrrry specific: One time, during a trip to South Africa with America’s ambassador to the UN, he was arrested in Soweto en route to trying to visit Nelson Mandela while Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island.

That seemed unlikely for many reasons — the ambassador at the time didn’t recall it, Soweto is nowhere near Robben Island, American dignitaries aren’t typically hauled in by local officials while traveling abroad.

Biden recalled it to audiences no fewer than three times, though. He even added an impressive extra flourish. Supposedly Mandela himself found out about the arrest at some point and thanked him for it years later, while visiting Washington as South Africa’s first black president.

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CNN asked him about it today. How come no record exists of this episode? Why had Biden himself never thought to tell this stirring tale in the many decades since the events took place until this past month?

Somehow he saved it until he was 77 years old, coincidentally at the very moment that he needs a tidal wave of support from black Democrats in South Carolina and beyond to rescue his campaign. Simple misunderstanding, says Biden:

Watch the video:

Biden is such an awful candidate.

He is likely to win the South Carolina primary but Super Tuesday will be another story.

How much longer will he last?


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