Biden Makes Up Another Story About His Past (VIDEO)

Joe Biden recently made up a story about giving an uncle a military award which was easily proven false.

You have to wonder if Biden even knows what he is talking about or if his advanced age is causing him to misremember aspects of his past.

Still, Biden has a lifelong habit of making up stories like this.

Red State reports:

Biden Makes up a Story About Awarding a Purple Heart, and It Gets Much Worse From There

In a development sure to surprise absolutely no one, Joe Biden is currently spending another weekend vacationing in Delaware. Upon his arrival on Friday, though, he did manage to squeeze in an appearance at an event for veterans in New Castle. While there he gave a riveting tale about awarding his uncle a purple heart.

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According to Biden, he had an “Uncle Frank” that fought and was injured in the Battle of the Bulge but never received a Purple Heart. As the story goes, the president, being the amazing person that he is, righted that wrong as vice president by getting a Purple Heart for Uncle Frank.

The problem? Absolutely everything about the story is false.

Uncle Frank died in 1999, meaning it would have been impossible for Biden to award him a Purple Heart after becoming vice president. There would have been an escape hatch there (i.e. claiming the award came posthumously) had the president not then asserted that Uncle Frank was still alive at the time and “not doing well.”

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It’s all downhill from there. Already deep into the lie, Biden then describes a scene (that never happened) where his Uncle Frank came over to the house with family in attendance for a ceremony to present the Purple Heart. Remember, we are talking about someone who died at least nine years prior to when this event supposedly took place.

Watch the video below:

He lies and lies and the media lets him get away with it.


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