Biden Pick For Secretary Of Health And Human Services Is A Radical Leftist With No Related Experience

Biden wants Xavier Beccera to serve as his health and human services secretary. Beccera has no experience related to health services, and furthermore is a radical leftist.

In recent years, he has been serving as the attorney general of California, which should give you a sense of his political leanings.

Massive crime is one of the reasons people are fleeing California.

His record speaks for itself.

Townhall reports:

10 Times Biden HHS Nominee Xavier Becerra Proved He Is a Radical Leftist

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On Tuesday, the Senate will hold a confirmation hearing for Xavier Beccera, President Biden’s nominee to be the next secretary of Health and Human Services.

A lifelong politician, Becerra was first elected to the House, representing downtown Los Angeles, in 1993, going on to serve 12 terms before being tapped in 2017 to become California’s next attorney general. The hearing will likely be fraught with critical questions, as the AG enjoys a substantial record of controversial comments, actions and beliefs.

Below are ten of Xavier Becerra’s most controversial hits.

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1. In 2017, Becerra sued the Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic nuns, over their religious exemption from the HHS contraceptive mandate, ultimately attempting to force the nuns to provide health care services contrary to their religious beliefs. Becerra spearheaded the four year case against the nuns but ultimately his argument was struck down in the courts. One Sister had this to say during the debacle, “We pray that the court will protect our ability to continue serving the elderly poor as we have for over 175 years without being forced to violate our faith.”

2. In 2017, Becerra brought 15 felony charges against two California citizen journalists who worked to document Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies. Becerra’s tendency to lead crusades in favor of groups who share his political ideology left even the LA Times unsettled.

3. In 2018, Becerra issued a warning to business owners statewide that fines of up to $10,000 are in store for any employer who chooses to cooperate with the federal government’s effort to prosecute illegal immigrants. Becerra expressed that anyone caught “giving up information about their employees … in ways that contradict our new California laws… subject themselves to actions by my office,” citing California’s Immigration Worker Protection Act of 2017.

That’s just three of ten examples. Becerra is a far left partisan hack.

If he is confirmed as HHS secretary, he will use the position to advance the left’s agenda. Count on it.


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