Biden Picks Radical, Left-Wing Activist As Nominee For U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Joe Biden has finally revealed his choice for the United States Supreme Court.

You’ll be shocked to learn that she is a radical left wing activist. Did anyone expect anything different?

You can read some of the highlights about Ketanji Brown-Jackson below.

From the GOP:

Biden’s Pick Is A Radical, Left-Wing Activist Who Will Rubberstamp His Failed Agenda


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Today, Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson, a Democrat partisan who will put far-left special interests ahead of defending the liberties of Americans, to the Supreme Court.

Jackson would be the left-wing activist judge that Biden has repeatedly promised he would nominate and who would be a rubberstamp for his far-left policies.

NBC News: “Jackson fits well with the Democratic Party and the progressive movement’s agenda” and that “her labor-friendly rulings as a judge have drawn praise.”

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“Liberal advocacy organizations” pushed for Jackson to be on Biden’s list of Supreme Court nominees.

Jackson is a Democrat partisan, having worked for Obama’s presidential campaign as a poll monitor and donated to Obama.

Jackson is a registered Democrat, and her husband donated $1,600 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

In just a few short years on the bench, Jackson repeatedly has ruled against conservative policies.

Jackson blocked President Trump’s executive orders to hold failing federal employees accountable – a decision that the D.C. Circuit unanimously reversed.

Jackson blocked the Trump administration from expanding its “Expedited Removal” program to deport illegal immigrants faster, absurdly saying that DHS did not consider the impact on illegal immigrants.

A liberal immigration group even applauded Jackson because she refuses to use the term “alien” or “illegal” immigrant in her opinions.

Jackson ruled in 2019 that former White House Counsel Don McGahn had to comply with a subpoena from Congressional Democrats, a decision an appeals judge said wrongly gave power to “unelected judges.”

Do you recall how the left treated Trump’s Supreme Court nominees?

Do you think Brown-Jackson will be treated with that kind of hostility?



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