Biden Pushes “Voting Rights” Bill As Americans Across The Country Deal With Empty Shelves In Stores

Americans across the country are dealing with empty shelves in grocery stores. It’s because of a combination of the supply chain crisis, COVID, the labor shortage and the economy.

Instead of trying to do something about this, Joe Biden and his administration is almost entirely focused on pushing their so-called ‘voting rights’ bill.

Hardworking every day Americans are struggling to feed their families, our stores look like something out of the Soviet Union, and Biden seems completely unable to even try to fix the problem.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Grocery shortages seen across country amid omicron surge

Many people going grocery shopping recently have come out empty-handed as the omicron variant of COVID-19 has disrupted food supply chains.

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Over the past few weeks and days, photos of empty shelves have popped up on social media.

The new omicron variant of COVID-19 has helped cause the shortages at grocery stores.

When workers at jobs such as meatpacking factories or warehouses are out, products end up being delayed getting onto trucks for delivery. Furthermore, if truckers are out sick, they aren’t able to deliver food products to stores, resulting in empty shelves and unhappy shoppers.

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“So what’s changed now in the past couple weeks? Obviously, there’s omicron,” said John Rosen, an adjunct economics professor at the University of New Haven. He noted that the new strain of the virus affects supply chains, and thus grocery stores, in a number of ways.

You can see examples of this all over social media.

People don’t care about the Democrats’ stupid voting bill. They want stores to be full again.



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