Biden Still Working On Iran Deal With Russia As It Continues Attack On Ukraine

As Russia continues its attack on Ukraine, Joe Biden is continuing to work with them on the awful Iran Deal.

Everyone is making a big show of sanctions on Iran and companies pulling out of Russia, but it hasn’t stopped Biden from working with them because he is desperate to get this done.

It’s just one more way in which we are living through Obama’s third term.

FOX News reports:

GOP senators slam Biden for working with Russia on Iran Deal during Ukraine invasion: ‘Insane’

A group of Republican senators slammed President Biden during a press conference Wednesday and sharply criticized him for working with Russia on a nuclear deal with Iran while Russian President Vladimir Putin unleashes chaos and bloodshed in Ukraine.

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“This Iran Deal if and when it is announced will be a massive win for Vladimir Putin,” Texas Sen. Cruz said during the press conference while flanked by several fellow Republican senators. “Because the Biden administration has been eager to tell Putin and tell the Ayatollah of course we will have a carveout for the Iran deal on Russia sanctions which means Putin will make billions in oil and gas transactions, in nuclear transactions, and in weapons transactions.”

Cruz added that the Biden administration is “incoherently” announcing sanctions on Russia while also “creating a massive subsidy” for Russia which “makes no sense.”

“This is not right, we should walk,” Republican Sen. Jim Risch emphatically stated during the press conference. “This doesn’t need to be done right now and particularly it doesn’t need to be done when we have the problems going on that we have in Ukraine. We should walk.”

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In case you haven’t heard, the new Iran Deal is worse than the old Iran Deal.

Nothing this administration does makes any sense.


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