Biden Warns Of Upcoming Economic Setbacks Now That The Midterms Are Safely Over

Now that the midterms are over, Joe Biden is suddenly saying to expect economic setbacks.

Funny how no talk like this came up in the months leading up to the elections. All we heard from Biden and his party was how great everything is. Now? Not so much.

At least the House Republicans can prevent him from doing much more damage.

Breitbart News reports:

Post-Election Joe Biden Warns of Upcoming ‘Setbacks’ in the Economy

President Joe Biden warned Americans on Friday to expect setbacks in his ongoing attempts to fix the economy.

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“It’s going to take time to get inflation back to normal levels as we keep our job market strong, so we could see setbacks along the way,” he said at the White House, promising to stay “laser-focused” on the economy.

He also claimed that inflation at the grocery store was “down slightly,” even though the cost of food at home is up 12.4 percent from the previous year.

The president met with a group of business and labor leaders on his imitation White House video set to talk about the economy and delivered about seven minutes of remarks before sending the press out of the room.

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He argued that the economic growth was up 2.6 percent and that unemployment numbers were still low, proving that his policies were successful in turning around the economy.

Doesn’t this just fill you with confidence?

Take a bow, Democrat voters.

This is all on you.


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