Biden White House: If You Question Our Position On Ukraine, You’re Spouting Russian Disinformation

The Democrats have really become a one-trick pony when it comes to calling out their critics.

Everything is Russia or Russia disinformation. Before the election, they called the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation.

Now if you question their position on Ukraine, you’re just spouting Russian disinformation.

It’s their answer for everything.

FOX News reports:

Biden officials say those questioning US approach to Ukraine are spouting Russian disinformation

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President Biden’s administration has taken a hard line against scrutiny of reports on Ukrainian and Russian relations, repeatedly dismissing critical lines of questioning as “Russian talking points” and “misinformation.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki and State Department spokesperson Ned Price have squashed inquiries into government sources and alternative narratives surrounding the conflict in Ukraine. The White House has repeatedly warned that a Russian invasion of the country is imminent, citing troops stationed on the Russian-Ukrainian border and alleged plans to launch a false flag operation to justify an annex.

Price was pressed by a reporter Thursday on the evidence behind U.S. officials’ belief that Russia intended to release an elaborate propaganda video on Ukraine in order to justify beginning a war.

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The Pentagon said it had intelligence that Russia was planning to “stage a fake attack” in order to embolden support for a war with Ukraine. Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, who covers the State Department, pressed Price for evidence to back up the allegation and said it could be “Alex Jones territory.”

“If you want to find solace in information that the Russian government is putting out, that is for you to do,” Price replied.

On Wednesday, Psaki took a swipe at Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley, suggesting the lawmaker is consuming “Russian disinformation” and “parroting” talking points.

They’re doing this now because it has worked in the past.

Now it just looks lazy. It looks like the tired, meaningless, catch-all criticism it is.


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