Biden’s Divisive Speech About ‘Voting Rights’ Backfired Big Time

Biden gave a speech about voting rights in Georgia this week that turned off just about everyone.

In his angry rant, Biden accused anyone of opposing the Democrats of being like Jefferson Davis and other assorted racists.

No one was impressed.

Peggy Noonan writes at the New York Post:

Joe Biden’s voting rights speech backfired more than he ever could have imagined

It is startling when two speeches within 24 hours, neither much heralded in advance — the second wouldn’t even have been given without the first — leave you knowing you have witnessed a seminal moment in the history of an administration, but it happened this week.

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The president’s Tuesday speech in Atlanta, on voting rights, was a disaster for him. By the end of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s answering speech on Wednesday you knew some new break point had occurred, that President Biden might have thought he was just crooning to part of his base but the repercussions were greater than that; he was breaking in some new way with others — and didn’t know it.

It is poor political practice when you fail to guess the effects of your actions. He meant to mollify an important constituency but instead he filled his opponents with honest indignation and, I suspect, encouraged in that fractured group some new unity.

The speech itself was aggressive, intemperate, not only offensive but meant to offend. It seemed prepared by people who think there is only the Democratic Party in America, that’s it, everyone else is an outsider who can be disparaged.

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CNN is trying to spin this for Biden but it won’t work.

Biden can’t undo the damage he did to himself.

Biden is already a lame duck. It’s a failed presidency.


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