Bill Maher Calls Black Republicans “Uncle Toms” And Compares Trump Sons to Nazis (VIDEO)


Bill Maher followed up his vile Twitter rant on his HBO Show. He must think that his renaming of Trump’s sons, Donald Jr and Eric, was really funny.  Or, Maher just wanted to make sure that his display of liberal hatred was seen and heard by as many people as possible.  But for HBO, Maher decided to go after black Americans that had the audacity to call themselves Republicans and dared to speak at the Convention in Cleveland. Maher was joined by another liberal lunatic, Michael Moore, to round out a true Mutt and Jeff routine.

Watch the Video:

And how is this not racist? Calling black Republicans “Uncle Tom”? So, according to Maher, black or gay Americans that are conservative and/or believe in the Republican platform are somehow subservient to whites. Once again, this is what the Left does to those that don’t agree with their lunacy. Put down, ridicule and demean.  Straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Take a good look America. These are the type of people that think Hillary is a better choice and will be better for America.

Here’s the HBO Show transcript from NewsBusters:

Real Time

BILL MAHER:  Then my favorite little story of the convention: there was there was an outbreak of Norovirus, the one they get on cruise ships, at the convention. They said avoid shaking hands. If you see the Trump boys, just Sieg Heil and walk right on by. 

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MAHER: First up, what did you think of Ted Cruz and then Donald Trump walking into the hall? 

JOY REID: My father was from the Congo. I thought third world dictatorship. Because we had this gangster move by Ted Cruz who instead of doing what he was brought there to do, he decides to turn the whole thing around and say vote your conscience.    


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MICHAEL MOORE: One of the things I’m concerned about this week, we have been sitting in our bubble having a good laugh at this total as you said shit show. But the truth is —  is that this plays to a lot of people that he has to win to become the next president. And I have to say, I mean —  I’m sorry to have to kind of be the buzz kill here so early on but I think Trump is going to win. 

[Crowd boos.]

MAHER: Boo if you want. I’m glad you’re saying it. Everybody should say it. 

MOORE: I don’t want to say it. 

MAHER: The enemy is complacency. Say it every day. He certainly could win.

MOORE: I live in Michigan. Let me tell you. It is going to be the Brexit strategy. The middle of England is Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. The total electoral votes in those states, 64. All he these do is win those four states. I’m telling you, I was there during the Michigan primary. And he went there in front of the Ford and he said, “I’m telling you right now, they moved this factory to Mexico. I’m putting a tariff on the cars!” It was music to people’s ears. More people in Michigan, in the Michigan primary voted Republican than Democrat in the primary this year. That should be disturbing to everyone.


MOORE:  They love their dad. 

MAHER: I don’t blame the kids. That is their blood. That’s why I didn’t blame O.J.’s mother for supporting O.J.. You know, it is your family. You have got to give a pass on that. Do people realize if they are elected Donald Trump, really the people that are going to be running the country are Douche Bag Von Fuck Face Trump and Thurston Shit Bag III?


MAHER: New rule: Marginalized black Republicans and marginalized gay Republicans have to come together and form a new group called the Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Republicans.

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