BILL O’REILLY: Democrats Are In Serious Trouble (VIDEO)

In a new video, conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly suggests that Democrats have a serious problem on their hands in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections.

Bill references the fact that so many House Democrats are already retiring.

He also brings up the Build Back Better bill, which he says may never even get passed.

Here’s a partial transcript:

You wouldn’t know that the progressive movement is on the slide because it isn’t reported, but a couple of facts. 19 Democrats in the House have said they’re not going to run next year 19.

That’s a lot. 11 Republicans, okay? Now you gotta kind of declare you’re going to run in the next three or four weeks to raise the money that you need and I think that Democrats, I think 30 might not run again. 30. Republicans maybe 15, so that gives the Grand Old Party, the Republicans, a tremendous advantage going into the midterm elections, okay?

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It’s not going to be as bad in the Senate. You’re not seeing as many senators hanging up, but to me this wave of anger against the progressives and Joe Biden is building, so let’s get the Build Back Better bill, okay? Heard anything about this this week? It’s not going to get done this year, all right?

Biden was saying we’ll get it done in October, it’ll get done in November or get done in December. It’s not going to get done. I don’t think it’ll ever get done. They’ll have to drop it from one seven trillion to one point two trillion for it even to be considered, and even then I don’t think Joe Manchin is gonna go for it. It’s too much waste. There is a colossal amount of waste.

Watch below:

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If Bill is right, and the Democrats don’t pass their BBB bill, that’s only going to hurt them even more.


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