BILL O’REILLY: Joe Biden Is Finished (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly thinks Joe Biden is pretty much finished.

In a recent video commentary, which you can watch below, O’Reilly suggests that the only thing that’s going to matter in the upcoming elections is what has happened to the economy on Biden’s watch.

He suggests Democrats will try to distract voters with other issues but that at the end of the day, what people really care about is their quality of life.

Here’s a partial transcript:

What is front and center is the economy, so let’s do three polls. Okay, first one is Gallup. Democrats 28 Republicans 34. Look at that, Gallup skewing GOP. Question, how would you rate economic conditions in this country? Excellent one, good 13, only fair 39, poor 46. That is 14 percent of american people think the economy is okay 85 percent think it’s not.

That’s the end of Biden. That’s it.

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All right, you can say abortion, you can say guns, you can say Ukraine you can say COVID, none of it comes close to this. Second poll, this is Trafalgar, I’m sorry, let’s do another Gallup. Right, now do you think the economic conditions in the country as a whole are getting better or worse? Getting better 20, getting worse 77. Okay, so you see this is Trafalgar, all right, Democrat 39 Republican 36.

Okay, which do you believe is the leading contributor to rising inflation, President Biden’s policies and spending 60 percent, Russia’s war with Ukraine 32.

So Biden’s getting the blame all around, as he should. There’s only one stat that matters, only one. When Trump left office inflation was 1.4 percent, now it’s about 11. When you add in everything, and it’s going higher, that’s the only stat that matters.

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Watch the video below:

It’s hard to disagree with Bill’s analysis here.

People are feeling real economic pain and Biden will pay for it with votes.


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