BILL O’REILLY: Left’s Hatred Of Trump Is Reaching Dangerous Levels (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly opened his show last night by citing a recent poll and then by suggesting that hatred of Trump is reaching dangerous levels.

Of course, Bill is right. The left is more unhinged than it has ever been.

Mediaite has the story:

O’Reilly: The Hatred Towards Trump Has Reached a ‘Dangerous Level’

Bill O’Reilly tonight said that the hatred towards President Trump has reached a “dangerous level.”

He ran through some new poll numbers on Trump, health care, the Russia investigation, and Trump’s wiretapping tweet, before saying he would like to ask the American people if “the hatred toward President Trump has reached a dangerous level in this country.”

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O’Reilly believes it has, because “whether you like the president or not, it’s brutally unfair to try to undermine his administration as some of his opponents are trying to do.”

He noted that there was hatred of Barack Obama too, but no “apparent undermining” of him this early in his first term.

O’Reilly concluded that he has “never seen the national press despise a president more than they do Donald Trump” (though he noted Richard Nixon certainly came close).

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Watch the video:

Where is this all going to end?

What is it going to take for the left to become somewhat rational again?


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