Bill O’Reilly: The Anti-Trump Media’s Hatred IS OUT OF CONTROL (VIDEO)

The liberal media has actually gotten worse since the election, a thing few people would have believed possible. Last night on the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly called them out big time.

Mediaite reported:

Bill O’Reilly: Liberal Media ‘Hatred’ Against Trump Is Out of Control

Bill O’Reilly said tonight that the liberal media’s “hatred” of President-elect Donald Trump is getting out of control.

He cited recent remarks by Joy Behar, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, and CNN’s Brian Stelter to say that the media “hysteria” is reaching new heights. “I think what has happened,” he said, “is these people are so overwrought that almost every fair-minded American doesn’t listen to them anymore.”

Eboni Williams pointed out how some on the left feel it’s dangerous for the press to do anything to “legitimize” Trump. O’Reilly said that’s absolutely “insane.”

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Watch the video:

Liberals in media truly discredited themselves during the election and they’re only making it worse now.

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You would think they’d want to earn back the trust of the American people but they just don’t seem to care. They keep doubling down on their liberal bias and further alienating viewers.

What will it take for them to finally report the news with honesty?


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