Bill O’Reilly: The Left Will Say The Constitution Is White Supremacist (AUDIO)

During a recent appearance on Breitbart radio, Bill O’Reilly suggested that the left’s campaign against Confederate statues is just a launching pad for something much bigger. O’Reilly says that the Constitution is the real target and that the left will ultimately claim that our founding document is white supremacist.

Here’s a partial transcript from Breitbart:

“The statues are just a wayside to get to the Constitution. They’re basically saying America is a bad country. White supremacy is how it was established. The Constitution is based on white supremacy,” he explained.

“All of this is the belief system of the far left. They don’t ever say it, but that’s what it is. The statues are just symbols. I said very early on, when I saw this controversy in Charlottesville, hey, it’s not going to stop with Robert E. Lee or the Confederate generals. This is going to go into the fabric of our country and who we really are as a people because the far left thinks that we’re a bad country. Traditional conservative Americans think we’re a noble country.”

“That’s always been the struggle. I urge people to read Killing England to get an idea what these people were really like – Washington, Jefferson, Franklin – so then, you can make an argument that, hey, just because you were a slave owner back in the late eighteenth century doesn’t negate all the heroic things that you did. That’s the argument, so I’m trying to get some perspective here. It extends into DACA. It extends into every issue we’re dealing with today,” said O’Reilly.

Listen to the audio below:

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