BILL O’REILLY: Trump Is Going To Win War With The Media

The media has been waging open war on President Trump since election night. We’ve seen media bias against Republicans plenty of times in the past but the media’s open hatred of Trump is unlike anything that’s ever happened before.

In a new column at The Hill, Bill O’Reilly explains why he thinks Trump will win this war:

Bill O’Reilly: How Trump will win his war against the media

The lords of the press can dish it out, but when it comes to taking criticism, well, they have a major problem with that equation, don’t they?

Over the Independence Day weekend, there were dozens of press displays lamenting President Trump’s attacks on media people who he believes don’t treat him fairly.

While there is no question that Trump is hammering his detractors in very personal ways, why is anyone surprised? As a presidential candidate, he routinely denigrated his opposition by using schoolyard descriptions, and ultimately he vanquished them.

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So why would he change his maverick style now?

On live TV during the campaign, Donald Trump told me I should see a psychiatrist because I was too “negative.” So what? I continued to cover him fairly and retained access, even though I criticized him when I felt it necessary. But I based my analysis on facts, did not cheap-shot him, and did not quote anonymous sources that made him look bad.

Read the rest here.

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One thing is sure. Trump won’t have to do very much to win. The public’s approval of the media is at an all time low and they shoot themselves in the foot almost every single day.


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