Bill Whittle Explains Parallels Between The Brexit And America’s Independence (VIDEO)

Bill Whittle Brexit

The outstanding political commentator Bill Whittle has produced a new video in which he outlines the parallels between the Brexit and America’s independence and freedoms.

Here’s a partial transcript from Frontpage Mag:

Brexit And The Fourth Of July

Two hundred and forty-one years ago the shot heard round the world was fired at North Bridge, near Lexington and Concord. Now the British people have unleashed a Vote Heard Round the World. I believe this seismic event may turn out to be the best, the most important revolt to take place in our lifetimes.

All you need to know to gauge the magnitude of this decision can be summed up in three quick points:

First, the British people decided — as did America did two and a half centuries earlier – that they were tired of being ruled by a bunch of arrogant, unelected elitists who cannot be happy unless they can make other people do what they tell them to do.

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In Europe, this came down to farmers from Britain, and France, and Germany, and Belgium and all the rest being told by socialist bureaucrats in Brussels just how much curvature a cucumber can have in order to be sold in the EU. There are regulations concerning the height of swing sets and rotational speed limits determined and enforced on playground roundabouts.

Not for Britain. Not anymore. And the petty, centralized, power-mad progressives that work night and day to come up with new rules and regulations and mandatory advisories, and taxes and fines and licenses and fees and duties and penalties – are scared. In fact, they are terrified.

Watch the whole thing below:

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Try as they may, progressive globalists can’t change the will of people who want freedom.



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