Bipartisan RNC Focus Group Blown Away by Donald Trump Jr. (VIDEO)

RNC focus group

Donald Trump Jr. gave a speech at the Republican National Convention last night which was hailed by many as the best of the night.

Pollster Frank Luntz spoke with a bipartisan focus group and everyone was impressed. Some said it reflected well on Donald Trump that his son was so genuine.

The FOX News Insider reports:

RNC Focus Group Blown Away by Donald Trump… Jr.

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On “Hannity” tonight, Frank Luntz spoke to a focus group of undecided voters about the Republican National Convention and the most impressive speaker they saw tonight: Donald Trump Jr.

They described the son of the Republican presidential nominee as very sincere, charismatic, authentic, articulate and genuine.

“The father should take lessons from the son,” one man said. “He didn’t tear anybody down.”

Several members said they wish that Trump Sr. was more coolheaded and less controversial like Trump Jr.

They acknowledged, however, that a great child is testament to great parenting.

“If Donald Trump would act at home the way that he acts on television, his son wouldn’t be the way that he is now,” one participant explained.

When Luntz asked if they would like to see Donald Trump Jr. run for office someday, 16 out of 19 members of the focus group responded favorably.

Watch the video:

That young man may have a future in politics.


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