BIZARRE: Bush Son Doesn’t Want More Volunteers In Houston, Praises Government And Media (VIDEO)

In a startling interview with CNN, Bush son Neil Bush discouraged the arrival of more volunteers in Houston.

He told a story of his stepdaughter’s boyfriend volunteering and rescuing someone. Then, he said he didn’t want more volunteers.

And then, he went one step further: He praised the efforts of government and the Media in Houston.


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From the video:

Neil Bush: “What we’re trying to discourage right now, quite honestly, is to have floods and floods of people to come down and try to volunteer their services from other places.” 

Alisyn Camerota: “From other states and other places because that would be complicated.”

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Neil Bush: “We already have a stress on our infrastructure. The hotels and the rooms and the accommodations really aren’t ready for it. And for a volunteer to really be properly used – put to good effect, you need to have it be well organized and well planned. And so in these next weeks ahead, working with FEMA, working with the Red Cross, working with the local – I tell you what, there’s been a lot of skepticism about government, but to see our governments – this government, the state government, the local governments react with such efficiency and with such clarity of purpose in mind has been really rewarding. And there’s been a lot of attacks, frankly, on the Media. And to see local media people – well, to see you here – but to see local media people out in the streets working hard to bring information to people . . . it’s been a great service.

Government and Media First?

Never mind that thousands of volunteers from other states were in Houston before local governments were mobilized.

The Gateway Pundit reported: 

“One group of volunteer rescuers from Louisiana, San Antonio and Austin spoke with Varney and Co. on Thursday morning.
The group of volunteers rescued 98 people from a flooded apartment building including 36 children.”

Never mind that heroes from the “Cajun Navy” saved thousands more:

Americans don’t wait for government or Establishment Republicans to tell them what to do.

Americans jump into help.

Immediately. Before the government can get there. Before the Media is there.

Will the Establishment ever learn??


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