Black Bernie Voter: I’m For Trump Now, “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!”

Wow! Democrat, two-time Obama voter and Bernie voter Brunell Donald-Kyei switched to Trump!

She went on Stuart Varney’s show to explain why.

She was on fire!

And then a surprise: A guest appearance from another Democrat for Trump: General Michael Flynn.


From the video:

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Brunell Donald-Kyei: “You know, I respect the President highly, and I believed him when he said ‘Yes, we can’ with better jobs and education . . . I waited on life support like so many other people . . . I realized that there was no change coming . . . I voted for Bernie Sanders, and then once I realized Bernie Sanders was not going to be the nominee, I could not vote for Hillary Clinton. I could not. 

Like every Democrat, I didn’t want to hear anything Donald Trump had to say. Once I got out of my emotions and actually started thinking as an American and listening not just as a black American or a woman, I started listening to the issues . . . 

We’re at the highest level of terrorism alert since 9/11 . . . We have to build the wall to protect American citizens . . . When these Islamic terrorists come in and blow up America and blow up our cities, we don’t have anywhere else to go. We’re Americans. This is our country!”

Then, General Michael Flynn jumped in:

“Thank you so much, Brunell . . . What you’re saying is resonating with millions and millions of Americans . . . I’m also a lifelong Democrat who has jumped on the Trump Train because of the message and the vision that he’s given to America.” 


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