Black Bernie Voter: I’m For Trump Now, “THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!”

Wow! Democrat, two-time Obama voter and Bernie voter Brunell Donald-Kyei switched to Trump!

She went on Stuart Varney’s show to explain why.

She was on fire!

And then a surprise: A guest appearance from another Democrat for Trump: General Michael Flynn.


From the video:

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Brunell Donald-Kyei: “You know, I respect the President highly, and I believed him when he said ‘Yes, we can’ with better jobs and education . . . I waited on life support like so many other people . . . I realized that there was no change coming . . . I voted for Bernie Sanders, and then once I realized Bernie Sanders was not going to be the nominee, I could not vote for Hillary Clinton. I could not. 

Like every Democrat, I didn’t want to hear anything Donald Trump had to say. Once I got out of my emotions and actually started thinking as an American and listening not just as a black American or a woman, I started listening to the issues . . . 

We’re at the highest level of terrorism alert since 9/11 . . . We have to build the wall to protect American citizens . . . When these Islamic terrorists come in and blow up America and blow up our cities, we don’t have anywhere else to go. We’re Americans. This is our country!”

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Then, General Michael Flynn jumped in:

“Thank you so much, Brunell . . . What you’re saying is resonating with millions and millions of Americans . . . I’m also a lifelong Democrat who has jumped on the Trump Train because of the message and the vision that he’s given to America.” 


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