Black Ladies CALL OUT Jill Stein’s #Recount2016: “THE TRUTH IS YOU LOST, JILL!” (VIDEO)


Diamond and Silk called out Jill Stein’s #Recount2016 today.

Like most of us, they were enjoying their Thanksgiving when they heard about #Recount2016.

And they weren’t happy about it.

This was their reaction!


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From the video:

Diamond: “Hey, y’all. So was sitting there watching my TV, minding my business over the holidays, eating my dessert, OK? And I see where Jill Stein wants a recount of the vote. What? Now Jill Stein has never been a friend of mine. What race was she running? A rat race to nowhere. And then she goes on to say that she wants to get down to the truth. Well, the truth is you lost, Jill. So deal with it.

That means you are done.  You are over with. You are toast. You are finished. You’re through. Boom! Drop out gracefully. I can’t stand it when people don’t bow out gracefully. So we don’t need a recount. We don’t need a revote. The only thing we need for you to do is bow out gracefully!”

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They’re right!

Jill Stein should stop the shenanigans and bow out gracefully!

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