Black Ladies To Democrats: “YOU CAN CROSSOVER – You Can Vote For Donald Trump” (VIDEO)


Diamond and Silk hit another home run!

In a message to lifelong Democrats, the ladies talk about voting for Trump. Even if you’re a Democrat.


Silk: You say, ‘I can’t break the tradition. Because my momma momma momma was a Democrat.’ You say, ‘Ok, I can’t register as a Republican because my friends say I’m gonna be a sellout.’ So to all my Democrats and my lifelong Democrats, this is what Silk wants to say to you: You can still vote for Donald Trump.”

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Diamond: That’s right. We’re not asking you to switch your party to Republican. We’re not asking you to vote Republican. We’re asking you to vote for Donald J. Trump . . . Because we need an outsider. He is not a career politician . . . We need someone who’s going to go to Washington and stand up to them toe to toe, never wavering, never backing down, cleaning house. Let’s find out what happened to that $6 billion at that State Department. Why isn’t the Justice Department prosecuting no Crooked Hillary? We need a man who ain’t afraid to go stand toe to toe with these people. And we’re not going to get that with old Crooked Hillary. But you will get that with Donald J. Trump. 

Silk: And you can crossover. Democrats, you can vote for Donald Trump in the general election . . . For some people who don’t want to come off that Democrat plantation- 

Diamond: They don’t want to come off that Democrat plantation. Some people scared to come off that Democrat plantation, but they want to vote for Trump . . .

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