Black Pastor On Trump: “GOD ALWAYS CHOOSES THOSE Who People Think Should Not Be Chosen!” (VIDEO)


Today, Donald Trump spoke at the New Spirit Revival Center Ministries in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Senior Pastor Dr. Darrell Scott introduced Donald Trump. He talked about Trump’s character. He talked about Trump protecting and defending Christianity. He talked about protecting the rights of all Americans to worship as they see fit.

And he reminded the audience that “we are one people under God.”

But Dr. Scott’s final words brought down the house!

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Here’s what Dr. Scott said:

God has always gone outside of the established order in choosing leaders in crucial times. God went into a prison to get Joseph. He went to a barren woman to produce Samuel. He went to a sheepfold to find David. Gideon was hiding behind a winepress when God made him a leader. Moses was a stubborn fugitive when God found him. 

God always chooses those who people think should not be chosen!


Here’s Dr. Scott’s full speech. Worth watching:

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