Black Pastor On Trump Vs. Obama: “Trump Would Have HAD HIM ON HIS HEELS” (VIDEO)


Recently, Obama said he would have done better than Hillary against Trump. Obama said he could have beaten Trump.

Trump tweeted this in response:

Today, Pastor Darrell Scott weighed in on the hypothetical “Trump vs. Obama” match-up.

Pastor Scott said Obama would have lost.

Trump “would have had him on his heels” in many ways.

Watch (via Varney & Co.):

From the video:

I don’t believe he would have done as good as Hillary Clinton did. I believe she outperformed him because Hillary could claim the positives of the prior eight years but distance herself from the negatives. Whereas, if he had run, he would have had to own both the positives and the negatives. And, I believe President-elect Trump would have had him on his heels trying to defend all of his failed policies. He wouldn’t have been able to pass the blame on to anyone else the way Hillary Clinton was able to blame Obama for the negatives but embrace the positives as if she participated in them.”

What an analysis!

He’s absolutely right!

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