Blue State Poll Delivers Promising Results For Republicans

If you believe sources like CNN and MSNBC, you probably think a blue wave is coming this year for Democrats. Liberals in media keep repeating this as if they’re trying to convince themselves and others it’s true.

Yet a new poll from the Star Tribune in Minnesota suggests otherwise.

Take a look at this:

Star Tribune Minnesota Poll delivers promising results for Republicans

The Star Tribune’s first election year poll is complete and, all things considered, it was a good series of results for Minnesota Republicans. President Donald Trump’s job approval came in at 45 percent. His 2016 Minnesota tally: 44.9 percent.

Which means after one of the most tumultuous first years in recent presidential history, if Trump lost supporters here, he must have gained an equal number. He was especially strong in the suburbs and in greater Minnesota, which could mean help for Republicans like U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis and GOP state lawmakers in the suburbs where Trump’s support remains strong…

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In fact, the poll suggests Trump is running much stronger here than even a traditionally Republican state like Georgia. According to a recent Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll, Trump has a 36.7 percent job approval in the land of peaches and Coca-Cola, while a whopping 58.7 percent disapprove.

On the generic congressional ballot — will you vote D or R in your 2018 congressional election? — the Dems’ advantage is tiny. It’s hard to draw firm conclusions because the polling wasn’t done with congressional district lines in mind, but in general Democrats would need a large generic advantage to flip congressional districts 2 and 3 while holding 1 and 8. (Democrats need a large advantage in the generic ballot because their voters are not as reliable in midterm elections.)

Keep this in mind he next time someone on the news says the Republicans are in big trouble.


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