Bobby Knight Mocks Host On CNN: “You’ve Got To Explain ‘Trepidation’ To Me” (VIDEO)

Oh, that’s funny!

Bobby Knight was a big supporter of Trump during the campaign. He went to rallies with Trump. He told an audience in Toledo that Trump is “smart, tough, and dedicated to the USA.”

Bobby Knight is now in Washington for the Inauguration and went on CNN to talk about Trump.

The CNN host tried to suggest that Americans were concerned about Trump. She wanted to say that people were nervous and uneasy about Trump.

So Bobby Knight did a clever thing: He mocked the CNN host for using a big word, then moved on to talk about Trump.

He talked about how Trump is “perfect for the job.”

Watch (via CNN’s New Day):

From the video:

CNN Host: “As you know, there are so many in the country who have trepidation about how -“

Bobby Knight: “You’ve got to explain ‘trepidation’ to me . . . Let me tell you what I think it is: I think the guy is perfect for the job . . . When I traveled with Mr. Trump, I looked at it and I saw that here’s a guy who is tough, is smart, and he loves America.”

Go, Coach Knight!

Way to hit back at CNN and tell the truth: Donald Trump is the perfect man for the job!

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