BOO-HOO! Workers At The EPA Reportedly Coming To Work “IN TEARS” Over Changes Under Trump

Perhaps we should rename the Environmental Protection Agency the Snowflake Department. For eight years under Obama, they enjoyed having a climate change activist as president.

Now that Trump is in charge, people at the agency are losing their minds and reportedly working through their tears.

Pro Publica reported:

Trump’s Team at EPA Vetting ‘Controversial’ Public Meetings and Presentations

Uncertainty about the fate of some agency information on greenhouse gases is not only upsetting scientists and some within the EPA, but it also has prompted associations of natural gas companies and utilities that rely on EPA data on greenhouse gas emissions to take precautions. Politico Pro on Wednesday published excerpts from emails circulated to members of the American Gas Association and Edison Electric Institute recommending that members not rely on agency archives. A gas-industry official confirmed the details in an interview with ProPublica.

At EPA headquarters, the mood remains dark. A longtime career communications employee said in a phone interview Tuesday that more than a few friends were “coming to work in tears” each morning as they grappled with balancing the practical need to keep their jobs with their concerns for the issues they work on.

Twitchy is reporting that counseling is even being offered:

They’ll get over the election someday.

We hope.

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