Book Claims Obama Took Trump’s 2016 Win As A Personal Insult

Like most liberals in America, Obama thought Donald Trump had no chance of winning the 2016 election. He thought Hillary would win and his legacy would be safe. Things didn’t turn out that way.

According to a newly updated book, Obama was insulted by the fact that Trump won.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Obama saw the 2016 loss of Hillary Clinton as a ‘personal insult’

Former President Barack Obama was unhappy with Hillary Clinton and her failed “soulless campaign” in 2016, saying he saw her loss as a “personal insult.”

The new details come from a recently released update to New York Times Chief White House Correspondent Peter Baker’s book Obama: The Call of History.

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The new edition, which includes Obama’s reaction to the 2016 election, said Obama compared himself to Michael Corleone, the titular character of “The Godfather.” Obama thought he “almost got out” of office untouched, like a mob boss avoiding a hit job.

Obama found himself shocked by the election results, thinking before Nov. 8 there was “no way Americans would turn on him” and “[h]is legacy, he felt, was in safe hands.”

This just confirms that Democrats really had no idea how unhappy many Americans were with Obama’s presidency. Same thing with the media. They were all completely out of touch.

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The Daily Mail has more details:

Baker writes that Obama woke up on the morning of November 8 2016 convinced he would ‘not be handing the nuclear football over to Donald Trump – the reality television star, he thought, was a joke’.

Obama arrogantly thought there was ‘no way Americans would turn on him’ even though Clinton was far from perfect.

Baker writes: ‘She was a serious and seasoned professional who had served at the highest levels of government and provided mature leadership. Just as important, she would continue his policies and cement his biggest achievements.

‘His legacy, he felt, was in safe hands’.

Given that Obama had no formal role in the election he went to the White House movie theater with his wife Michelle and adviser Valerie Jarrett where they watched Dr Strange, the superhero movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Perhaps Obama can console himself with the piles of cash he will acquire giving speeches in the coming years.


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