BOOM! Kellyanne Blasts Hillary’s New “Resistance” Fund-Raiser (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway recently appeared on the new FOX News program “The Specialists” and hit Hillary Clinton over her recent announcement that she’s now part of the resistance against Trump.

In the video below, Kellyanne says:

“She’s proven that she’s very good at resistance, she resisted going to Wisconsin at all. She resisted going to Wisconsin and Michigan. She was going to turn Arizona and Georgia blue, that didn’t work out, Donald Trump won all four of those states. She’s resistant to respecting people enough to not call them deplorable and irredeemable. And she spent over two billion dollars in her campaign, it’s reported. A woman who knows how to spend money, that’s new.”

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“And this PAC, this political action committee… I would note for you that many elected Democrats this week and many of her comrades in the mainstream media were critical and skeptical of her return this week. She’s free to do what she wants, but the Democrats who gave money to her campaign and the outside groups that supported her, they wanted her to win the White House, they don’t want her to oppose President Trump.”

Watch the video:

That pretty much nails it.


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