BOOM! Laura Ingraham Slams Liberal Juan Williams For Calling Trump Cabinet Picks ‘Radicals’ (VIDEO)


Laura Ingraham is being considered for the role of Donald Trump’s press secretary and she showed why this weekend. Liberal commentator Juan Williams unfairly smeared Trump’s cabinet picks as a team of radicals. Laura pushed back hard.

NewsBusters reported:

Ingraham Decimates Juan Williams on Trump ‘Team of Radicals’ Charge

Williams argued “So you have people who I would say don’t fit into exactly a team of rivals, but to many people a team of radicals. A team of radicals in terms of, what are these people representing? Flynn, Mike Flynn, I don’t think he could be confirmed, but so he’s getting the — the national security advisor job.”

Here’s how Laura Ingraham responded:

INGRAHAM: Well, there was a lot said by Juan. But you said ‘team of radicals.’ This is the kind of stuff that has turned people against Washington, D.C. And these type — this — these types of lines against true patriots, who sacrificed for their country, who are beloved among the men and women in the military, who actually do the heavy lifting for all of us. Mattis, General Mattis, is one of the most beloved Marines of the last 50 years. General Flynn is considered one of the pre-eminent intelligence experts of our age. So to throw out these lines, a team of radicals, that serves nobody’s interest. If you have a substantive disagreement with their approach to fighting terror or their approach to intelligence, that’s fine. But these blithe comments, I think, have poisoned political discussion in this country, and I think it’s exactly why people despise this city.

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Watch the video:

Go Laura!

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We need more Trump surrogates like Laura to push back like this when the left breaks out the smears.


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