BOOM! Newt Calls Out Madonna: “The Truth Is: She Ought To Be Arrested” (VIDEO)


On Fox & Friends today, Newt Gingrich responded to Madonna’s speech at the Women’s March.

That’s when Madonna said she dreamed about blowing up the White House.

Here’s what Newt had to say in response (via Fox & Friends)

From the video:

Newt: “I love the Left. When they say, ‘I dreamed about blowing up the White House,’ they didn’t mean, ‘I dreamed about blowing up the White House.’ They actually meant a yellow, purple banana but they didn’t want to say, ‘Yellow, purple banana’ because it was too shocking. So they said, ‘Blow up the White House.’ But give me a break. What you have is an emerging Leftwing Fascism. She’s part of it. And I think we have to prepare to protect ourselves. Frankly, she ought to be – the truth is: She ought to be arrested.

Newt is right!

If someone had said the very same thing when Obama was in the White House, what would have happened?

They would have been arrested. 

Why does the Left get a pass? Why do Liberals get to make threats without any consequences?

Is it because no one thinks they will actually do what they say? 

The activities of Obama friends Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground say different. That’s when the Left made threats and carried them out. They bombed government offices and hurt many people.

Should the government wait until the Left commits a crime before there’s an arrest?

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