BOOM! Post-Election Magazine Covers Tell THE STORY OF 2016 (PIC)

Journalist Michael Tracey shared this juxtaposition of grocery store magazine covers today.

On the left is People’s Donald Trump Presidential victory edition.

On the right is the National Enquirer with “news” about Hillary and Huma.

“This is rough” (via Michael Tracey)

Here’s the full image:

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Of course, Liberals don’t like this.

They’re trying to put a stop to it. They’re calling for a boycott of People magazine, as we reported earlier:

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It’s normal for People magazine to put the new President on the cover. They’ve done it for all Presidents in recent years.

But Liberals don’t care. They’re so angry at Trump, Liberals want to boycott People. And some celebrities are saying they won’t give People magazine any more interviews.

Yahoo News reported:

People has come under fire for its Donald Trump cover that hit newsstands this week, with several celebrities expressing their outrage and some even calling for a boycott of the weekly magazine.

The newest issue, which came out on Wednesday, features a smiling president-elect in a shiny blue suit and red-and-white striped tie. The headline reads, “President Trump,” along with the words: “His life, his family and his astonishing journey to the White House.”

In the pinned tweet on People’s Twitter page, the caption exclaims: “He’s hired!”

Yes, he is!

This is what victory looks like!


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