Brady Bunch’s Cindy: Supporting Trump Got Me In Trouble

Hollywood is home to some very vindictive anti-Trump people.

Anyone who breaks away and thinks for themselves is liable to find themselves punished by these left wingers and no one is immune.

Not even the woman who played Cindy Brady.

BizPac Review has the story:

Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen: Trump views got me in trouble

It’s not uncommon for celebrities and Hollywood elites to support Trump (and Republicans) but not be able to discuss that support amongst their peers for fear of backlash and potential blacklisting. Thanks to people like Debra Messing and Eric McCormack, the fear of losing work over their politics is very real.

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Just ask “Brady Bunch” actress Susan Olson, better known for her role as pigtailed Cindy Brady. The crew of the iconic “Brady Brunch” reunited for HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation,” which thrust the former cast members back into the spotlight. But after the show came to an end, Olsen decided to pursue her love of radio and now hosts “Sunday Night Live” on KABC.

She recently discussed with Fox News why she decided to abandon the limelight, and how her unabashed support for President Trump got her in trouble on the radio.

“It’s been said you’re more politically conscious,” the question reads. “Are you ever worried that people might think of you differently based on your beliefs?”

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“All the time,” Olsen responded. “I’ve been the subject of fake news. And it was shocking to me. The story was that I had been fired for a homophobic rant on the air. Yeah, I did rant at a guy, but it was not on the air. And I never got fired. But it was all part of my punishment for admitting that I voted for Trump.”

FOX News has more:

Things being not fair, things being untrue — I can’t put up with it. I’m constantly being told by family members, “Susan, shut up. Don’t speak your opinion.” Because my opinion is not very popular in Hollywood. And I know people who have been completely blacklisted because they’re not on the left… I’m not even a Republican. It’s not that I’m all that conservative.

But gee, we used to be able to have differences. And if you talked about them, you’d usually find there really isn’t that much difference between the right and the left… Now people are being called hateful. Betsy Ross is now hateful and she was an abolitionist. The world’s gone nuts!… It’s misinformation. And these people are hypocrites.

Good for her for thinking for herself.



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