BRAIN FREEZE: Biden Repeats Himself Without Seeming To Realize It (VIDEO)

One thing that Joe Biden is now struggling with is the perception that his mind is going.

He regularly has trouble forming and completing sentences.

At one point this week, Biden repeated himself word for word and didn’t even seem to realize he was doing it.

Red State reports:

Scary: Biden Repeats Himself and Doesn’t Even Realize It

Every time Joe Biden goes overseas, representing the United States, we, unfortunately, have to hold our breath and hope against hope that he doesn’t say embarrassing things or do something that reveals what a compromised leader we have in the post right now.

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Unfortunately, Biden is Biden, so he does keep doing those things and making us seem weak to the world…

However, Biden got into even more trouble while he was trying to deliver remarks about climate change at the conference in Glasgow. First, he apologized for continually repeating himself. You would think he wouldn’t have these problems because he has a script from which he is reading.

But he gets into trouble when he varies from the script. You can see why it happens here when he reads the script, then goes off it momentarily to make a comment, but then loses where he was, and repeats what he just said.

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Here’s the video:

It’s just sad to see him barely able to follow his own train of thought.

Speculation is growing that he won’t even be the Democrat nominee in 2024 and this is why.

He’s just not the man he used to be.


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