BREAKING: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ohio State Attack And Calls Abdul Artan ISIS Soldier

BREAKING: ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ohio State Attack - Abdul Artan ISIS Soldier

Why does it always take so long for these attacks to be called what they are? The perpetrators often call it before our own authorities will utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Once again, that’s what happened here, in the Ohio State attack. The Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the university attack, and they are naming Abdul Artan as one of their own soldiers.

New York Daily News released this report:

The Islamic State’s news agency took responsibility for the attack by Abdul Razak Ali Artan that left 11 injured.

The revelation came as new details surfaced about Artan’s rants on Facebook. A law enforcement source said the 18-year-old logistics major warned about Muslims he described as belonging to “a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal.” 

If the U.S. wanted “Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace with ‘dawla in al sham,’” a term for ISIS, Artan wrote, the source told the Associated Press.

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And while his Facebook posts were blatantly radical, officials in Ohio were still hedging their bets.

… As Ohio State students returned to class Tuesday, investigators continued trying to determine whether the attack that injured 11 people was an act of terror.

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At some point Americans are going to have to wake up to the reality of what radical Islamic terror is, how it manifests, and that it is probably simmering right under our noses.

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