Brilliant And Beautiful New Ad From Trump: “Movement”

At his rallies, Trump likes to say this isn’t just an election. Not just a series of rallies. Not just a campaign.

It’s a movement!

Now, Trump’s team has put out an ad showing what he means:

From the video:

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It’s a movement. Not a campaign. It’s leader: Donald Trump. Builder, businessman, success. Doing what others called, “Impossible.” Donald Trump’s priority? You. 

Dreaming big. Building bigger. United for family. Jobs. Country. Defined by freedom.

Standing together. Pushing ahead. Leaving the past behind. Changing our future. Together, we’ll Make America Great Again.


The best part may be the picture of Bill and Hillary from 90’s when the narrator says, “Leaving the past behind.”

According to Shushannah Walshe, Deputy Political Director for ABC News, the ad will air on cable and some broadcast channels:

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